Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy is natural state for woman. Pregnancy can produce different kind of feelings through body. During pregnancy changes in body balance often produce muscle tightness and other muscular problems especially to pelvic, lower back and neck and shoulder area. With pregnancy massage these problems can be found and treated in positions that are pleasant for the mother

At SUHK pregnancy massage is made by those who have taken special courses for pregnancy massage. They are professionals in that field so you can also ask questions about other things that might concern you. Pregnancy massage is also very good after birth. We have comfortable rooms where you can easily and safely take also your baby with you.

During longer 90 minute pregnancy massage you will be treated from head to toe. Shorter 60 minute pregnancy massage we can concentrate more on lower extremities, upper body and neck or swelling during pregnancy. During pregnancy you can also book appointment for sports massage but notice that there might not be special equipment that are used in pregnancy massage, for example special pillows.

Pregnancy massage gives really special feeling for mother and child. It´s also a good way to relax and prepare for the upcoming. It´s also a very good idea for a GIFT!

You can find therapists who do pregancy massage from Personnel page.